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Rave Reviews for the Convenience and Efficiency of Tap & Go
Aug 11, 2017
Punching in one’s pin code to pay is rapidly becoming passé for Canadian consumers, and the world at large, with the rise of contactless payment technology. Canadians have been quick to adopt contactless payments using their Credit and Debit cards equipped with NFC technology that enable swift instantaneous payments. MasterCard’s...
MONEXgroup Presents: Credit Card Transaction Essentials
Jul 27, 2017
The credit card, a seemingly simple 3.37" wide x 2.13" high piece of plastic, in fact carries immense value for Canadian consumers. It contains a user’s confidential information, dictates their purchasing power, and its management affects the holder’s credit rating. The almighty credit card has thus become an indispensable item...
Amazon’s Acquisition of Whole Foods Could Present Innovative Self Service Payment Solutions
Jul 07, 2017
On June 16, E-Commerce giant Amazon announced their acquisition of Whole Foods, an upscale organic grocery store chain, at an impressive $13.7 billion price tag all paid in cash. The strategic move on Amazon’s part vastly expands their presence as a physical retailer by capitalizing on a popular grocery chain...
The Wait is Finally Over! Android Pay Arrives in Canada
Jun 27, 2017
In November 2015, Apple Pay officially launched in Canada and has since made significant inroads in changing the landscape of how Canadian consumers pay in their daily lives. The shift in payment preferences is consistent with changing behaviour in society as we now live in an era where our mobile...
How to Protect your Contactless Card
Jun 08, 2017
With the evolution of POS terminals accepting payments via contactless technology, Canadian customers are now accustomed to instantaneous transactions and no longer entering their PIN code. The market has rapidly adopted contactless payment because it’s simple and it saves consumers valuable time at the checkout terminal. For business owners, it...
MONEXgroup supports Gift Card Programs for Merchants to Enhance Loyalty
May 19, 2017
Mother’s Day has come and gone, but if you still owe your mother a present and do not know what to get for her, why not consider buying a gift card from her favourite store? Whether it is a clothing store, beauty products, a delicious ice cream spot, date night...
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