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Shopping Outlets and the Changing Dynamics of Consumer Buying Preferences
Apr 07, 2017
Generally speaking, Canadian consumers enjoy the comfort of shopping at malls that shield their customers from the unpredictable climatic elements, especially through winter season. With the proliferation of the indoor mall shopping experience nationwide, Canadians have grown accustomed to shopping in these clean, well-lit and climate controlled environments. In more...
Usher in Spring with Mobile Payment Technology
Mar 22, 2017
The annual celebration of St Patrick’s Day signifies the arrival of the Spring season, which also represents much needed warmer weather on the horizon for Canadians. During Spring, the payment processing industry will witness a surge of business from merchants who operate contracting businesses plus outdoor vendors as they will...
MONEXgroup Reviews the National Business Landscape and Heightens its French Service
Mar 03, 2017
As a nation that is recognized worldwide for its multiculturalism and diversity, it is fitting that Canada supports a respected balance of two official languages - English and French. Canada is not alone in this regard as there 29 countries internationally that consider French as a second language. At MONEXgroup...
The Emerging World of Unattended Contactless Debit Payment
Feb 17, 2017
For everyday small purchases like coffee in the morning and afternoon snacks, Canadians gravitate toward using Interac Flash cards featuring contactless debit payment convenience. It’s effectively the same as using their own pocket cash, minus the pesky coins and bills of course. Going forward, this trend should continue to evolve...
Introducing Tap & Wash as the Leading Car Wash Payment in Canada!
Jan 27, 2017
As the world is moving faster than ever, people are looking for improved convenience in their day-to-day lives. As a company that is constantly looking to improve our technology for our business partners and their customers, we’ve invested significant resources to support a growing trend and demand for self-service technology...
Unattended Outdoor Payment Solutions Ideal for Tire Inflation & Car Vacuum Machines
Jan 20, 2017
Harsh Canadian winter conditions can be challenging… sometimes to the point of deterring people from going out as the comfort of staying home is so much more appealing. But life goes on, and as proud Canadians we put on our toques and venture to brave the elements and run our...
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