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Point-of-Sale Solutions for Canadian Pizza Restaurants
Oct 21, 2016
MONEXgroup participated in the recent Canadian Pizza Show and had the pleasure of meeting many inspiring pizza industry restaurant entrepreneurs plus the leading suppliers. You wouldn’t normally think of MONEXgroup as being in the pizza business – but actually our point-of-sale solutions represent an integral aspect of pizza merchants’ daily...
A New World of Unattended Payment Terminal Transactions featuring Contactless Only Technology
Oct 07, 2016
In today’s modern fast-paced world, people are looking for any advantage that offers convenience and saves them time. After all, time is money. One such innovation that assists with the time crunch is the unattended payment terminal – enabling faster settlement of transactions without waiting in a queue for a...
The Evolution of Vending Machine Payment
Sep 30, 2016
Ever since the invention of vending machines whereby snacks and beverages can be dispensed through machines by putting in various values of coins, people’s lives have been made easier and stomachs have been satiated as a result of the convenience of vending machines. People are used to employing coins as...
The Future of Money: Cashless Payment in Canada
Sep 23, 2016
Cashless payment is any payment conducted without the use of old-fashioned cold hard cash, which has become the norm in the Canadian market. In fact, according to the Wired magazine, Canada will beat out the US in becoming a cashless society. Cashless payment includes payments carried out with Interac, Visa,...
The Arrival of Contactless Only Payments in Canada
Sep 16, 2016
Since the onset of contactless credit and debit cards in 2013, whereby Canadians take the pleasure in paying for their goods without entering their personal PIN, they can now simply tap their card against the POS terminal using NFC (Near Field Communications) technology and experience instant gratification. In today’s world,...
A Taste of the Payment Methods for Restaurants in Canada
Sep 09, 2016
The restaurant business is booming in Canada as home-cooked meals become less of a norm for busy professionals. In 2014, Canadians spent $649.65 on average in a month on eating out and drinking, according to data from Statistics Canada. Since this number is growing as the years go by, it...
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